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Commercial Solar Panels by the Numbers

Your initial commercial solar panels cost is offset by both federal and state tax credits, and a 100% first-year depreciation. Our consultants are also highly trained in finding all deductions, rebates, credits, and other incentives that make commercial solar a good financial choice for South Carolina businesses. 

If you’re still not convinced that commercial solar panels are beneficial financially, let’s break down those numbers a bit further: 

  • A production facility that invests $140,000 in a solar system is typically for a 30% federal and 25% South Carolina state tax credit (check with your accountant for current rates).
  • The company’s net investment would then be $63,000. This amount might be their standard electrical costs for some five years if they had not chosen to invest in those solar panels.
  • Also, consider that the company would save over $40,000 in taxes for the next five or six years through the depreciation of those commercial solar panels, so their net investment gets further reduced to well under $25,000. This amount could easily be the equivalent of their city-supplied electric costs for just two or three years!
  • If the company chooses a commercial solar system with a 25-year guarantee, they may then realistically enjoy some $450,000 as a return on their investment.

If you're looking for more, be sure to check out our FAQs section.


Are Commercial Solar Panels Good for the Environment?

People often wonder how commercial solar is good for the environment since electricity itself doesn’t generate fumes, emissions, or other such pollutants. It is true that electricity doesn’t produce these elements that are harmful to the environment, but the power plants that make electricity contribute to pollution!

Coal-powered plants are responsible for a disproportionate amount of pollution, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and heavy metals. These all lead to smog, acid rain, and other environmental problems that affect plant life and people’s health.

The less city-supplied power you use, the less pollution that’s generated overall. Your commercial solar panels for a Greenville SC production facility may also create more power than what your batteries can store, sending that clean energy back to the city’s electrical plants. This can mean less need for the plant to use coal or other such dangerous energy sources to create needed electricity. Contact Greenville Solar Solutions today to get started.

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Commercial Solar as a Marketing ploy


You may not want to invest in commercial solar panels just so you can tell your customers that your production facilities use solar power, but there is also nothing wrong with advertising that fact!

Consumers often appreciate businesses that invest in the local economy and their workers and who are doing what they can to save the environment. Your marketing or PR manager might advise on how you can use your investment in commercial solar solutions in your marketing and advertising materials.


Commercial Solar Panels and Uninterrupted Power

South Carolina is known for its relatively temperate weather, but the state is also prone to strong coastal storms. These storms can knock out power to your facility for days, if not weeks, cutting into your productivity and your profits! When you invest in commercial solar, energy for your facility is stored in battery packs, so you can enjoy unlimited power even if the city grid is offline for weeks at a time.

Installing commercial solar panels to a Greenville SC commercial facility also means having power during a brownout, slowdown, or other interruption to standard power supplies. You can also upgrade your production equipment without worrying about an increase in your electric bills.

To learn more about the benefits of commercial solar for your facility, call us for a free, no-obligation consultation, and we will happily show you how these panels will save you money and ensure your facility has the power it needs when it needs it.

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