Solar Panel Solutions in South Carolina

At Greenville Solar Solutions, our exceptional services are delivered by industry experts, certified contractors, and knowledgeable technicians, ensuring the highest standard of quality in solar solutions.

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Solar Panel Solutions in South Carolina

Considering making the switch to solar energy? Let us help!

Pay what you want

Our customers can get solar installed today with $0 down through our competitive and low-interest financing options. If you would like to pay cash upfront for the system and start seeing your savings roll in immediately we will gladly sell the entire package outright. We cover installation, interconnection, permits and all labor fees.

Financial Incentives

Right now, the federal and state tax credits for moving to solar have never been more appealing. However, they are due to expire soon! On top of that, solar equipment is at an all-time low and is set to rise given all the demand and attention recently. Get away from monopolistic energy while it is still very lucrative and start saving on solar today!

Local Upstate Installers

We set ourselves apart from other companies in that we do not lease our solar systems or offer plans that lock you into contracts with big corporations. Our goal is to sell you exactly what you need at a competitive price that only a local and lean company can offer. With our company, you know exactly what you are paying for.

"Greenville Solar delivered beyond expectations for our business. Their custom solar setup is top-notch. Highly recommend!"
– Johnathan Lee

Start To Finish


Our solar services start with the initial free analysis of your home and site. We calculate the total number of solar panels that would work effectively on your roof. We can also analyze your previous electric bills, to indicate the projected amount of energy (and savings) that can be generated from your home’s solar panels.

Next, we talk with you about our various financing options — and help you determine which financing approach would work best for your situation.

After you’ve decided to proceed and we book your home on our installation schedule, our expert teams of solar panel installers, technicians and electricians take care of all the construction details. We handle all the paperwork, order all the solar panels and related electronics and wiring, and do all the installation steps for you.

Typically, once we start installing the solar power system on your home, we finish the installation process within just a few days!

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You’re in Good Hands


Since we’re local and have installed hundreds of home solar systems in and around the Upstate SC area, we know the tricks of the trade. We know the best solar panels for home use in Greater Greenville area. We take care of the technical ins and outs. That also includes all the bureaucratic details and permits needed to connect your solar power system to your electric company, to enable you to get the credits that reduce your energy bill for years to come.

Our all-inclusive approach to your solar installation is a huge benefit to you — because we sweat the small stuff for you. That way you don’t have to worry about a thing — except how much money you’ll be saving. And how much you’ll be playing your part to save the planet.


Trusted Reputation


Our Solar Auditors and installers have lots of stories about how they’ve helped local folks with their solar power systems for their homes here in the Upstate.

If you’ve been curious if a home solar power system would work for YOUR home, we can do a free energy audit for you. Plus, we do much more than other solar power installers. Why? Because we live here in the Upstate, and we’re passionate about the benefits of solar panels.

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Right Around the Corner


As local solar experts, we take care of local customers better than other solar companies — because we’re part of this community and love seeing our friends and neighbors saving with solar. We worship side by side with you. We enjoy the same types of events and activities that make the SC lifestyle so enjoyable. Perhaps most importantly, we are more dedicated and devoted to providing you with the best customer service for your solar panel system with a 25-year warranty on every system we install!

We love when previous customers call us with referrals and give positive reviews — because it proves that they trust us and let us know we are providing a high-quality service. Plus, he’s saved those customers lots of money, and they want to share the good news about solar energy systems. They are helping spread the word about the benefits of solar — to all kinds of other homeowners in the Upstate SC area.

Why not let us help you take the next step toward all the benefits of solar? See if we serve your area.

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Explore All of Our Solar Services

Whatever you're looking for, our team is here to help.

Solar Solutions

Our Solar Solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We offer customized solar panel systems that are efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Our expert team works closely with each client to determine the best solar options for their circumstances, ensuring optimal energy production and cost savings.

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Solar Design

Our Solar Design services are at the forefront of innovation. We specialize in creating solar systems that are not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. Our designs are tailored to complement your property's architecture, maximizing energy capture while maintaining the beauty of your space.

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Solar Repair

We understand the importance of a well-maintained solar system. Our Solar Repair services are quick, efficient, and thorough, ensuring that your solar panels operate at peak performance. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of repair needs, from minor adjustments to major overhauls.

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Solar Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and efficiency of your solar system. Our Solar Maintenance program includes regular check-ups, cleaning, and necessary adjustments to keep your system running smoothly. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your solar investment is protected.

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Residential Solar

Our Residential Solar solutions bring sustainable energy to your home. We offer custom-designed solar panels that blend seamlessly with your home's design, providing a clean, renewable energy source that reduces your electricity bills and carbon footprint.

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Commercial Solar

Our Commercial Solar services cater to businesses of all sizes. We provide robust, scalable solar solutions that meet the unique energy demands of your business. Our systems are designed to maximize energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and showcase your commitment to sustainability.


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