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Located in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Imran is a small city on the Isothermal Belt, where warm air blows over the Appalachian Mountains. It’s a small city that drinks in a lot of sunlight, which is probably why so many of our customers in the area are into sports and fishing. It’s the perfect way to get a little fresh air while taking advantage of the warm temperatures and the sunshine.

Of course, there are other ways to take advantage of the sunshine, such as by hiring us to install solar PV panels to harness the sunlight. We’ve been in the solar energy business for years, working with both residential and commercial customers from all over Inman and Spartanburg County. If you’ve seen a solar panel in Inman then you’ve probably seen our work!

So if you’re ready to talk about solar energy, get in touch. We’re passionate about solar and we specialize in helping our clients to install and maintain high quality solar panels throughout our service areas in South Carolina. Say no to extortionate energy prices. Say yes to cheap renewable energy through our residential solar panels.

Residential Solar in Clemson South Carolina

A new solar system for your home can significantly reduce your electric bills, and potentially even eliminate this utility cost altogether! Going solar also reduces your “carbon footprint,” meaning the amount of pollution for which you’re responsible. However, installing these panels is not a DIY job and not one to leave to a general contractor!

Greenville Solar Solutions is Inman’s leading provider of the panels you need to switch to this clean and reliable form of renewable energy. Our highly trained technicians will work with you to choose the best panels for your needs, and will also decide the best spot on your roof for their installation, so your new system collects the most sunlight possible. We will also ensure your panels are correctly wired into your home so that you can begin enjoying a reduction of your utility bills as soon as that system is installed!

Residential Solar Inman SC

What are the benefits of adding a solar cell to your residential property? One advantage is that solar batteries continue to supply your home with power even when city-supplied electricity is interrupted. Considering the many storms that often come through the state of South Carolina, this is a significant benefit for homeowners to consider!

Note, too, that solar energy never increases in price! You initial costs for the panels and any minor maintenance they may need over the years will be all that you pay for electricity. In turn, when your neighbors are complaining about yet another rate increase from the local power company, you can rest assured that the energy provided to your home through your new panels will still be free!

If you’re thinking of installing solar panels at home but aren’t sure where to start, or don’t even understand how these panels work, call the experts at Greenville Solar Solutions. Our technicians will gladly explain all the details of this form of green energy, and help you decide on the best panels for your home, based on your electrical needs and overall budget.

Solar Panel Installers in Inman SC


Commercial Solar Inman SC

Never assume that your business cannot use photovoltaic panels, even if your company consumes vast amounts of electricity for a production line, heavy equipment, warehouse heating and cooling, and the like. Many such panels, along with their converters and batteries, collect tremendous amounts of light from the sun and can store all the energy you need to keep your business adequately powered.

Your solar panel costs might also be a business deduction, depending on your overall operations and methods of accounting. This deduction can help any business afford the switch to a cleaner source of energy no matter their industry or electrical needs.

For any business owner interested in knowing “how much is solar power” or who needs more information about the reliability of this energy source, call us at Greenville Solar Solutions. We will answer all your questions about these panels and help you choose the best system for your company, and also ensure your switch to solar is easy and affordable.

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