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Local Solar Panel Installers in Anderson County

Based just off Interstate 85, Anderson is nicknamed “the friendliest city in South Carolina” for a reason. It’s also a beautiful place to live and work thanks to everything from Old Anderson County Courthouse to Anderson University and the City of Anderson Recreation Park. And being in South Carolina, it also gets plenty of sunlight, which is why it’s the ideal place to set up solar panels.

Anderson is also a historic city, which is shown by its other nickname: “the electric city”. It earned the moniker because it was one of the first cities in the Southeast to have electricity thanks to a hydroelectric planet on the Rocky River. We think that there’s a sort of poetic irony to the fact that we’re helping to build on that history by installing solar panels and turning it into the electric city version 2.0.

So if you’re based in Anderson SC and its surrounding areas and you’d like to talk to us about our solar panel services, get in touch. We’re looking forward to getting to know more about your project!
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"Greenville Solar delivered beyond expectations for our business. Their custom solar setup is top-notch. Highly recommend!"
– Johnathan Lee
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Expert Solar System Installation in Anderson SC

Solar panel installation is not a DIY job, and most general contractors are not qualified to wire these systems to a home either. If you’re considering solar power for your home or business, you also want a wide range of options for panels, converters, batteries, and the like. You also want to work with an installer who can explain the differences in those panels and the potential power they might collect for your home!

Greenville Solar Solutions is the number one expert in renewable energy in Anderson and surrounding areas. Our company doesn’t simply dabble in solar or install panels part-time, but the installation and maintenance of these panels this is the only service we offer! 

Our commitment to green energy and cost savings is second to none, and we gladly take the time needed to explain how these systems work, and what you can expect by way of savings in your monthly utility bills.

Residential Solar Anderson SC

A new solar system is an excellent choice for any home, and especially larger homes that use lots of electricity. These panels may not necessarily provide all the electrical power your home needs at all times, but many systems allow you to get most of your home’s electricity from these panels versus city-supplied power.

There are many benefits to reducing your use of city-supplied power, beyond cost savings. One such advantage is that less city-supplied electricity means less pollution generated by power plants. Being responsible for less pollution allows you to reduce your own “carbon footprint.”

A solar cell can also keep harvesting and then supplying power even if the city-supplied power is interrupted due to storms, property damage, and the like. Note, too, that these systems collect energy from the sun even during wintertime and on cloudy days, and that energy is stored in batteries so it’s available around the clock and even during those power outages!
solar panel installers anderson south carolina
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Commercial Solar Anderson SC

Photovoltaic panels can be installed on just about any commercial building,, so that your business can also reduce its reliance on city-supplied power! If you’re worried that your heavy-duty equipment is not compatible with these panels, note that these systems work with a converter. This converter, as the name implies, converts the energy collected by the panels to the type of electricity used in residential houses and commercial buildings. This power is then supplied to your commercial building through its existing wiring.

If you’re wondering how much is solar power, note that we have a full line of panels and systems available, of different sizes and strengths. The stronger and more powerful the panels you choose, the more of the sun’s energy they can collect and convert. In other words, those panels are an investment in cost savings for your business!

If you need more information about your solar panel design cost or about how these systems operate, call us and we’ll schedule a visit to your home or office. We can explain all the details of solar and note which panels and system would be right for your power consumption needs and your overall budget.

Go Solar with Greenville Solar Solutions! Give us a call to get your assessment and solar evaluation set up. 864-991-0700

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