Residential Solar in Clemson, South Carolina

Solar Panel System Installation in Clemson, SC

Home to Clemson University, Clemson SC is unusual because it’s in both Pickens and Anderson county. It’s one of the largest areas that we serve in the area, and it’s also one of the most beautiful thanks to Lake Hartwell and South Carolina Botanical Garden. And of course, with average annual temperatures of up to 72°F (22.2°C), it also gets its fair share of sunlight.

That means that it’s a great place to install solar panel systems to harness the natural energy that the sun has to offer us. We spend a lot of time in Clemson working on solar projects of all shapes and sizes with both residential and commercial properties, and we’d love to have a chance to show you what we can do. We’re proud of the work we do and we go out of our way to deliver a premium service at an affordable price.

So if you live in Clemson and you’re looking for affordable solar panels from a respectable company, be sure to get in touch. We think that Clemson is such a stunning area that we have a duty to preserve it by using renewable energy sources. And of course, the savings and grants that solar panels can usher in are a handy little bonus too. Check out our other service areas to see who else we serve in South Carolina!

Residential Solar in Clemson South Carolina

Top-Rated Solar System Installation in Clemson SC

Solar panels can reduce your utility costs and your overall “carbon footprint.” These systems will also provide your home or office with power even if city-supplied electricity is interrupted due to a storm, flood, or other such disasters.

Installing a solar cell is a specialized service and not a DIY job. If you’re thinking of choosing a solar power system for your home or office, call the experts at Greenville Solar Solutions. Our highly trained technicians will ensure these panels are correctly wired into a structure’s current electrical hookup, and that they are safely attached to a roof or outside wall. Greenville Solar Solutions will also handle all the necessary paperwork, permits, and other details needed to get your system approved of by the city and installed as quickly as possible!

Residential Solar Clemson SC

Many homeowners wonder “how much is solar power” and are concerned with their installation cost as well as with long-term maintenance. The good news is that a solar system rarely needs any type of maintenance over time, other than occasionally clearing the front of the panels. The wires connecting the solar battery charger to your home’s electrical system are hidden away, behind the panels, so they rarely come loose or otherwise need replacing over the years.

The money you save on city-supplied power also allows you to recoup your solar panel cost, often within a few years. After that, your savings go directly into your pocket! Less pollution is created by electrical power plants overall when you switch to green energy at home.

Installing this type of system on your home’s roof or elsewhere on your property can also encourage your neighbors to consider more eco-friendly choices for their home, including solar power, recycling, using public transportation, and so on! Let the experts at Greenville Solar Solutions help you and your neighbors see how these systems can be more affordable than you expect and also explain the many benefits and positive aspects of choosing solar.

Residential Solar in Clemson South Carolina


Commercial Solar Clemson SC

Did you know that commercial businesses can also choose renewable energy for all their electrical needs? Even businesses that require copious amounts of energy to operate heavy-duty production machinery or for lots of overhead lighting and computerized equipment can use photovoltaic panels for their electrical needs.

Note, too, that your solar panel cost might be claimed as a business expense. An accountant can explain your options for deducting these costs and any potential depreciation, but this can also add to the savings you enjoy by switching to solar systems for a business.

If you’re considering commercial solar panels for your company, give us a call for a free, no-obligation visit to your office or production facility, and we’ll gladly discuss your many solar choices. Our knowledgeable sales staff can also help you to choose which panels and systems would be best for your company, given your overall electrical needs and company budget. We will ensure you opt for the best solar power system for your company, and enjoy the highest return on that investment as well.

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