Solar Panel FAQ

Solar Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most popular questions that people have for Greenville Solar Solutions when it comes to solar panels. If you still have questions after looking at these, feel free to contact us for more information!
A Greenville Solar Solutions, our solar panels come with a 25-year warranty so you can have peace of mind and no surprise expenses. After 25 years, your panels will have paid for themselves many times over, but often times your panels will last even longer!
The cost of your solar system is based on the size of the system we install and the type of materials you invest in. Because there are several variables when determining the size of the solar system needed, we send one of our trained solar consultants to your building to conduct a thorough evaluation before recommending the best solution for your needs.
It all depends on your individual needs. In some cases you can say goodbye to your entire electric bill forever but for other homes, offsetting a smaller percentage of the electric bill might make more sense. Call our expert solar consultants to find out more!
When you first get solar panels installed, it might seem like an expensive upgrade. The national average cost, according to Home Advisor ( is $22,360. This will vary by area, but it’s a number you can use for reference.

Keep in mind that your electricity bill will be lower once you start using solar panels, so that’s another part of the cost equation to consider.
Solar energy is essentially a four-step process.

1. The sun gives energy to the panels, which is then converted into electricity.
2. An in-home device works with the electricity to power electrical items within the home.
3. The electricity moves from the breaker box to the outlets within the home.
4. These outlets give electricity to the devices they are connected to.
Solar power is a type of renewable energy. Solar power means:

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Fewer air pollutants
Reduced reliance on fossil fuels
Since solar power is dependent on the sunlight, a common concern is cloudy days. People wonder if their solar panels are getting enough light in a more overcast area.

If you happen to live somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine frequently, you will experience less energy. In this case, you will be using more of your regular electricity, which you pay for.

Still, even if it’s cloudy outside, it’s a good investment to have solar panels put in.
This number varies by a couple of factors. You will need to consider the size of your home or business. You will also need to figure out how much electricity you’re going to be using. To get the best estimate, you should consult a professional solar panel installer.
Very little maintenance is necessary for solar power. This is great because you won’t have to worry about keeping up with it. This will save you time and money.

Some people don’t even need maintenance at all for their solar panels. When you first have your panels installed, be sure to find out what type of warranty comes with the panels. This will help you in the long run if any problems do arise.
Since you won’t need much maintenance, if any, this shouldn’t be a huge concern. It’s also important to note that most panel warranties will cover regular maintenance too.

If you’re curious about maintenance fees, talk to a solar panel professional. They will be able to give you an estimate of what you might end up paying. This will depend on both the company and the problem that you run into.
When you use net metering, you are using a service to see how much non-solar electricity you are using. Then, your utility company can charge you for the electricity usage. Net metering has different rules and regulations. Each state will have its own guidelines that you must abide by.
As mentioned before, you will only pay for the non-solar energy that you use. You won’t be paying for the energy generated from the sun. This means that your electric bill will be much lower than you’re used to.

A lower electric bill is one of the reasons that so many people choose to install solar panels. It just makes more sense financially!
Since solar power is better for the environment, states have set up rebates so that solar power users can save money. These vary from state to state. One example is the federal investment tax credit. If you use solar panels, you get a 30 percent tax write-off.

There are other rebates and incentives throughout the states too.
It’s important to take a look at all of the solar panel companies in your area. This can help you to gauge whether or not you’re selecting a good one.

You should take a look at reviews for these different companies. Look for the most recent reviews, which will likely be more accurate. It can also be useful to ask your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors if they have any recommendations.

Once you narrow it down, ask a few of these companies to give you an estimate and more information. You can then make your final decision.
In the past, homes with solar panels have sold for more money than those without. Keep in mind that you must own the solar system in order for it to raise your property value!

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